Current Warriors

We have a number of families we help and it is awkward for a family to request help and open their lives to others. But unfortunately they need outside help. Warrior Brianna is suffering from a relapse of ALL. Recent testing revealed she has a rare genetic abnormality. She is being treated at Sloan Kettering in Manhattan. Brianna’s father stays home with Brianna’s siblings. He does his best to maintain the household and work. He has no paid time left at work. Co-workers have been gracious enough to offer time to him, but his employer will not allow it due to the fact it's his child that is sick and not him. They currently commute by Amtrak from Hudson NY Stay at RMH in NYC when available. Driving time is over 3 hours, train is only 2. They have three other children, Gavin age 13, Amiya age 6, and Amora age 4. Brianna has come up with her own slogan BRILIEVE!! Almost like believe but incorporating her name into it. They need help for food, rent, gas, co payments... existence! If you can help in any amount at all it would be most appreciated. You can send a check, gas, or dining cards too. Help us help BRILIEVE!! Send donations to:
Let Hope Live®
9 Duncan Lane
Troy NY 12180
We will send you a receipt and pass on the gift cards or cash donations. Thank you so much for sharing your hearts and generosity! Brianna deserves a medal! We are planning that too! We would love your help and ideas to make this a huge celebration! Thank you for helping out in any amount or way you are able. We will keep you posted on how she is doing. In the meantime, check out this video that Brilieve made this herself: