A Note From Andrew's Mother
Smiles didn't come easily after I lost Andrew but I have come to appreciate every nuance of life. Funny things are funnier and bringing even a moments joy to a family in need is what makes me happiest these days. Andrew and I experienced first hand the trauma and emotional battle a child is forced to contend with while fighting for their life. Life changes drastically and your eyes are opened to a world no one wants to enter. Andrew waged a battle with a highly malignant brain tumor for more than four years. Andrew's consistent positive attitude of determination and fortitude made me proud to be nothing but his mother. I was so proud of Andrew he never complained and continued to show the rest of us what real character and men were made of. Proudly I told Andrew he deserved a medal for all his courage.

I was surprised when he responded looking surprised, "Really mom?"

Andrew never received his medal but Andrews courageous battle and his compassion to all those in need despite his own struggle inspired the warrior foundation in his name. We were scheduled for yet another surgery summer had just arrived it was so warm and beautiful outside. Andrew no longer had the port for chemotherapy and was free to play in the water and be a child surgery meant bandages and inside looking out. We were devastated Andrew saw our pain and went quietly to his room collecting all his pins from the Alamo and distributed them to each of us with a quiet smile. This is described in the book written by Dr Fred Epstein "If I Get to Five"

I live with a veil in front of my eyes of all the children that line the halls every day waiting for surgery. Frightened scared missing out on the joys of just being a child. This grieves and consumes me. My hope and prayer is all these warrior children receive encouragement and know how special they are as they battle for their life. I pray every child and parent is supplied with enough ammunition from those that are well that they know how very special they are. I pray they are all healed and in turn are able to touch all in need. Please help us make them smile. Let them know how important they are. " "We are on call. We want to offer hope 24 hours a day."- The medals 'purple hearts' are due every young and old warrior in the battle to overcome a poor diagnosis. Helping "Let Hope Live!"

My heart will always ache for my son to embrace him and look into his beautiful blue eyes. But the lessons he taught me while I was blessed to have him will ripple on forever. Every child that smiles and knows hope and encouragement, every dollar given to help find the cure so no one has to suffer as much will help let Andrew's wish live on and "Let Hope Live!" Kyle is Vice President and Broker for Bryce Real Estate based in upstate New York, the Tech Valley, Troy New York. Kyle was brought up in the family real estate business and has sold real estate since she was eighteen with the family's business, Bryce Real Estate. She is an ambassador for the Rensselaer Chamber of Commerce and active in the community. Andrews Warriors is member of Voices of Hope a coalition of non profit organizations established to offer assistance and hope top seriously ill youth.After Kyle lost her son she went to Bible College and then to India on missionary work, visiting the sick in hospitals and orphanages. After the loss of her only child, a single mother Kyle knew she had to reach out to other warriors and parentswho now sit where she once did. Kyle does all the art and concepts for the annual 'God Bless America' warrior poster and the custom warrior medallions. Kyle works closely with area outreaches to those battling an illness. Kyle does all she can to help every child & teen warrior know encouragement and hope. She helped design wine labels in Napa Valley having studied art in college before she came back to New York State to work at General Electric's graphic exhibit design display department.